Doctor E Juice

We are developing a whole line of Herbal Vape Juice. 

We're passionate about E Juice. 

Welcome to Doctor E Juice.  The best tasting, big vapor e-juice on the planet.  Not only do we offer several delicious flavors, we also are offering "Echinacea E Juice" for our in-store customers and will soon have it available for on-line orders.  We will also be offering an entire line of Natural Herbs E Juice.   Our ingredients are premium, American made flavors, VG, and Premium, Fresh Nicotine.  Thanks for visiting Doctor E Juice.  Happy Vaping!!!

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Herbal E Juice

Doctor E Juice uses only Premium, American made flavors, Kosher/food grade VG, and Premium, Fresh Nicotine.  We've found the right flavors and mixtures to bring you the best tasting, big vapor E-Juice in the world!

Most E Juice contains nicotine which is an addictive poison.  Nicotine ingestion, inhalation or absorption may cause serious illness or death.  The use of vaporizers and E Juice, is intended as a replacement for nicotine products and to help people quit smoking.  Those predisposed or who may become predisposed to developing  respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease, or any other disease; should consult use with their physician before use.  Most doctors agree that vaporizers are about 4000 times safer than cigarettes, but still not a toy.  KEEP E JUICE AND VAPE PRODUCTS AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS!  Doctor E Juice LLC can not be held liable for the misuse of any of these products.